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Information from The Jefferson County Coroner
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Some basic questions and answers

Q: Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one?

A: The following is a list of deaths the Coroner is required by law 
   to investigate:
   1. Suspected sudden infant death syndrome (crib deaths).
   2. Death occuring within 24 hours of admission at a hospital or
      healthcare facility.
   3. Physician unable to state the cause of death.
   4. Known or suspected homicide.
   5. Known or suspected suicide.
   6. Death involving any criminal action. 
   7. Related to or following known or suspected self induced or 
      criminal abortion.
   8. Following an accident or injury.
   9. Drowning, fire, hanging, gunshot, stabbing, exposure, acute 
      alcoholism, drug addiction, strangulation, aspiration or 
  10. Accidental poisoning.
  11. Occupational diseases or hazards.
  12. Known or suspected contagiousdisease constituting a public 
  13. All deaths where a patient is under anesthetic.
  14. Incarceration
  15. All deaths of unidentified persons.
  16. Unattended deaths (no physician in attendance or during the 
      continued absence of the attending physician).
Q: Is an autopsy always performed?

A: Not always. If the death is a "Natural Death" and the deceased 
   has a physician who knows the medical cause of death, and will 
   furnish the Coroner with an acceptable cause, the Coroner will 
   normally not perform an autopsy.

Q: Why are autopsies performed?

A: There a number of reasons autopsies are performed. However, 
   The basic reason is to determine the medical cause of death. 
   Another primary reason is to gather evidence for presentation 
   in a court of law.

Q: Is there a charge for these services?

A: No.

Q: Can I come see him/her?

A: Due to legal and health issues, visitation of the loved one is 
   done only at the funeral home after the body is properly prepared.

Q: What about funeral arrangements?

A: Contact the funeral director of your choice to make arrangements
   for your loved one. Your funeral director will then coordinate 
   further arrangements with the Coroner's office and help you begin 
   the preparations for your loved one's funeral.

Q: Can I contact the Coroner's office?

A: Certainly, You may call concerning any questions you may have at 

Troy D. Morgan, Coroner
P.O. Box 473
Madison, IN 47250
(812) 265-0100

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